• 30 Years of Welcomes


    New Chapter for Harvey's Point

New Chapter

for Harvey’s Point

30 Years of Welcomes - Come celebrate with us @ Harvey's PointNew Chapter for Harvey’s Point

The time has come for someone else to write the next chapter of the Harvey’s Point story.

Milestones, Magic Moments & Memories

Reaching our 30 year milestone of happy hotel-keeping at Harvey’s Point is certainly cause for celebration and it is an achievement of which we are all very proud. However, it is also a time for Jody, Marc and I to reflect on this incredible journey that we have been on together, a journey full of magic moments and happy memories, a journey shared with so many wonderful people who helped to make Harvey’s Point such a special place to work in or to visit. We will treasure these memories in our hearts forever.

Spending more time with our family

The time has come for someone else to write the next chapter of the Harvey’s Point story. The Gysling Family has brought the business as far as we feel we want to, and the main reason that we are stepping back is so that we can spend more time together as a family. It is simply a ‘life-changing, lifestyle choice’. Life is for living. Jody looks forward to enjoying his retirement on his boat and Marc and I are looking forward to special family time together and watching our three beautiful children Carl, James and Christina grow up and find their place in the world.

All Change But No Change

The great news is that Harvey’s Point will remain in the safe hands of our current management team, led by Noel Cunningham, our General Manager and Michael Cullinan, our Financial Controller. Husband and wife team Chris and my niece, Sara as well as my sister Eilis and other family members will continue to fly the family flag. In fact, each and every member of our team is regarded as part of the Harvey’s Point family and so the warm and welcome feeling will remain in place for all our guests to enjoy. Team Harvey’s Point is full of characters and character and I have no doubt that they will continue to shape the story of Harvey’s Point and do what they do so well, which is to deliver an exceptional experience for every guest, every time. As I have always said, ’the people make the place’.

Continued Investment

It has always been our policy to keep re-investing in the hotel. Even during the recession, and actually even before the recession, when money was tight, we somehow scrapped it to together to keep doing new things. These projects were largely led by Jody. No better man! Going forward, there is such scope for further investment in Harvey’s Point, especially in new bedrooms, a bespoke spa /wellness facility at the lakeshore and so much more. It’s great to know that there further investment is planned and it will be exciting to see these new plans take place.

Harvey’s Point to be acquired as husband & wife owners step back to spend more time with family.

Good News Story

Today is a day of celebration, not sadness. Jody, Marc and I have and will always have a hugh emotional attachment to Harvey’s Point and especially to the people who have made it so special. While it has not been an easy decision to make, we believe that this is the right decision at the right time and for the right reasons. It is an exciting new chapter for us all.

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jody for sharing his vision and dreams with Marc and I and for pushing us to realise our potential. To Carl, James and Christina for allowing Harvey’s Point to be our fourth ‘baby’ and for putting up with all the ‘shop talk’ at the kitchen table. To Jody’s wife Renate, thank you for looking after us all and especially Harvey the goose. To my siblings and best friends – Eilis, Roisin, Michael, Nuala and Siobhan – thank you for all your support and love. I just wish that Mammy and Daddy Mc Glone as well as Mammy and Daddy Gysling were here to join us in the celebrations. To Sally (RIP), Nicole, Renate and Eilis for minding the kids when we had to mind the hotel – thank you so much. To our valued guests and suppliers – we have enjoyed great relationships which will always be appreciated. Finally, to our most amazing team – thank you for your loyalty, hard work and for always going the extra mile with a smile. Harvey’s Point is your Harvey’s Point and may you bring it to the height of its potential in the years ahead.

On a personal note, I feel so honoured to have been part of the Harvey’s Point story and throughout the many chapters in the past thirty years, there has never been a dull moment. My three month ‘summer job’ has become a very rich life experience. I have found the perfect platform to develop my career and myself as a person. I have enjoyed it all. Even when I made mistakes or things went wrong, I learned to dust myself off, get up and start again. I’m still not sure whether this was determination or stubbornness! Maybe a bit of both! During the thirty years, I have learned to lead and hopefully to inspire others.

Destiny brought me to Harvey’s Point and to come home to my beloved Donegal. I am forever grateful for the gifts that I have been given in life and I look forward to the future with an open mind and a very happy heart.

Deirdre McGlone

25 March 2019

Deirdre McGlone

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